How to submit:


We can't wait to read your writing for the next issue! Before you send it to us, so we can gather submissions together into a (free) digitally available collection, we've got a few guidelines below about formatting, etc.

Where to submit:

     – Please submit via email to

     – Send submissions as word documents attached to emails.

Submission formatting:

     – Submissions will be adjusted to Times New Roman, font size 12, with 1.15 line spacing and spacing removed after paragraph breaks, so please keep that in mind.

     – Submit up to 3 poems!

What to include:

     – No need to include page numbers.

     – In whatever level of detail you're comfortable with, consider adding the place the poem is written in/about (e.g. 'Minneapolis, Minnesota, US' - or 'beside a canal, Birmingham, UK'). This is to give the collection a sense of geography and interpreting the world around us. However, we respect that poems don't always write about place in such a pinpoint way, and also wish to respect writer's privacy, so this is optional.

     – Whether in the document or in the email, provide some indication as to which sound art you would like your poem to be organised with in the collection (i.e. what music prompt it is connected to).

     – In the document or the email, please provide the authorial name with which you wish to be accredited.

After submitting - what to expect:

     – You can expect a response within 1-2 months of submitting. Accepted work will be included in the project immediately, so you don't have to put up with any burdensome feedback!

     – Submissions that do not get included will be responded to in the same amount of time, with a reasoning why we could not include your work in this issue. Know that this is most likely due to concerns about the pace of the collection as a reading experience, and not due to the quality of the work. We would be more than happy to hear from you again for future issues!

     – We pride ourselves on being free to submit, free to read, so for the foreseeable future there can be no financial reward for writers.

(Un)acceptable content:

     – We are eager to be a platform for new writers, so don't hesitate to submit to us! We don't ask for any biography of submitters' previous publications.

     – Any length of work is appreciated! There is no minimum or maximum number of lines, although poems most readable along with the sound prompt are more likely for success.

     – Due to limited editorial ability, we can only ask for works predominately in English. Providing a translation beside your poem, should it be in another language, is a valid alternative.

     – In writing about the environment, whether natural or urban, we recognise that there is always going to be a political element. Because of this, we want to issue a reminder that no sexist, racist, or explicitly hetero-normative content will be considered. Excessively graphic violence will not be considered. Writers are trusted to have a sound judgement on what is unacceptable.

     – We do not take submissions simultaneously sent to other magazines. We apologise for this inconvenience.