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Find the writing prompts for our first issue here. We’ve got 5 prompts of synth sounds and field-recordings to provide a calming, yet enveloping tone. We’re excited to include sound artist Matt Parker’s track ‘Quantum Leaps’, a deeply engaging track inspired by the displaced noise of digital machinery. From the documentary soundtrack album ‘The People’s Cloud’, this piece is about our relationship with noise, and how we attempt to suppress the digital to preserve the sounds of the natural world.

That is just one example of our theme, eurhythmia: a state of living in harmony with the world around you. Eurhythmia implies euphony, a sense or sound of beauty, and rhythmics, the harmony of our circadian rhythms, our need to return to fresh air and sunlight. This is as relevant a theme as ever given the claustrophobia of lockdown living, and we consider this theme to be as much about the lack for/wish for eurhythmia as much as the brief state of having it.

To check out the sound art and get a sense of what to submit, simply scan the following QR codes! We’ve included verbatim Bandcamp descriptions so you may learn more about what inspired these works: ... (see our next posts!)