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Prompt 5, Quantum Leaps:

‘Quantum Leaps’ is a beautifully musical moment in the experimental documentary soundtrack The People’s Cloud. Utilising recordings of hydroelectric power stations, media infrastructures and data centres from across Europe, The People’s Cloud explores the acoustic properties of the digital industry kept away from the public eye. In this soundtrack the sounds of the digital are often strange, alien sounds haunting the environment, and fascinating the listener.

‘Internet enabled computers and mobile devices are ubiquitous amongst much of the world but not too long ago computers were humongous machines, occupying vast spaces and generating a great deal of noise; the noise of spinning fans and disks. As technology has evolved, ‘cloud computing’ has become prevalent and today’s smartphones sit silently in our pockets, no longer making the noise of computers of old.

As we transfer our data across the Internet, where is it going? Most people have no idea where their ‘online’ data is once it’s uploaded onto ‘the cloud’, but it is definitely not in the sky. The Data Centre, an often huge building filled with computers, heat, spinning fans and disks has enabled us to transfer the noises of computing and locate them somewhere else, somewhere unknown, and somewhere on a mass scale.’