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Prompt 3, Fifth Sequence:

‘Fifth Sequence’ is one in a twelve sequence mini-album, Wave Variations. Dennis Huddleston, or ‘36’, is a veteran ambience producer working with US ambience label Past Inside the Present. Describing the sensation of briefness in calming music, 36 writes:

‘Don't expect long build-ups or over-extended crescendos; these are short tracks that take you straight to Elysium and then dissolve into the ether.'

‘Ocean tides inspired the album. I think we've all felt that sense of longing and wonder while standing at the beach, staring at the waves and gazing into the endless horizon. I think it's something that transcends all generations of people. Like the waves, these tracks leave as quickly as they arrive. I feel it's one of the most minimal records I have made, with far fewer individual sound sources at my disposal. It keeps me on my toes and forces me to deeply explore the instruments I have available to me.’