• Scan Me!

How this works:

It's not everyday that a journal pairs poetry submissions with music, and as much as this uniqueness creates an eye/ear-catching collection, it adds the extra obstacle of explaining what to submit, and what we're going to do with it. We hope this call for submissions we wrote recently answers some questions:


'Scan Me!' is an online poetry magazine with an exciting combination of poetry and music. We are looking for nature poems that could be read while listening to field recordings and ambient music. These poems will be published in a web-based collection that will then be available for free on the 'Scan Me!' website. To listen to the music for the next issue, get a sense if your work goes well with it, or to look for answers to any questions, check out

The theme for the upcoming collection is 'eurhythmia' – a word suggesting calmness and a feeling of belonging - but any poetry about experiencing nature would be perfect for this journal. Readers access the music for the issue while reading the poetry, experiencing a soundscape alongside your work.

Submissions are open now, with a deadline of 8th April 2021. The edition goes live in early May."

Hopefully this has offered some clarity. If you have any uncertainties, please feel free to use the feature at the bottom of the webpage - it will send us the question through an email, which we check regularly!