Droitwich 2.jpg



Like a rumbling,

a width and depth of rooftops.

We see this from a hill,

us all inchoate and putative.

These were my words

as the houses shrank

under the pummelling of the stars.

And Malvern,

as we would do,

got blacker

and harder to see.

              - Matt Davies

What to submit?

1. We're an online poetry journal, like any other. Loving to read everything we get, poetry to us is an exciting project. 'Scan Me!' is about appreciating how poetry reveals our understanding, our perception of the world around us. We are interested in writing that puts the world around it into words. This can be nature writing, but it can also be the writing of the urban, industrial, or any assortment of place, people, noise (etc.).

2. 'Scan Me!' is about infusing poetry with sound. We use a QR code aesthetic to symbolise the connection of these two media, to pinpoint this journal's purpose in the bringing together of two different art forms, written art and sound art.

     For writers, QR codes are provided for you listen to the music tracks for the current issue - these are the issue's theme and organisation! We are looking for writing that has been chosen because it works well with the tone and theme of the music. Don't worry about directly referring to the music; we are simply looking for poetry that could be read while listening to the sound, to give meaning to the audio experience while the audio experience in return guides the reading.

     For readers, the collection will be organised into each of the different prompts. A QR code will be provided at the beginning of each section to make it as convenient as possible to listen to the sound art while reading the submissions. We hope that the experience you take away from this helps you to see the world through the things that we hear, and how they impress themselves into our thinking and writing.